Environment Research Center:

In 1998, in accordance with Law No. 1 of 1995 pertaining to research centers, the University of Babylon created the Environmental Research and Studies Center.

Three main divisions comprise the center's divisions: the Environmental Resources Research Division, the Environmentally Clean Technologies Research Division, and the Training and Rehabilitation Division. The Scientific Advisory Committee, the Accounts Unit, and the Administration Unit are just a few other groups involved. The Center's work domains include the following Click to read more

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Glance About The Center

Since the first creation and through the emergence of the first civilizations, there has been apprehension and suspicion between man and the ocean, represented by climate factors such as rain, wind, temperature variation, and its relationship with other organisms, plant or animal. This tense and cautious relationship results in cruel behavior by man towards the surrounding living conditions. Or non-living, as it resists every creature that does not match its interests and works to exclude all living things that pose an apparent or latent danger to it. This exclusion includes deprivation from living and food sources, reproduction prevention, hunting, and mass extermination of population gatherings for every organism that contradicts it. Humans who settled the earth and acquired other species' habitats. Nature forced its harshness on mankind through floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, drought seasons, predators, and the movement of insects such as locusts

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